Recipes, for my son 
Just thinking that you might want
to have some family recipes…
 Cornbread is a good start 
since I just finished making some…

Your Grandmother Evans
made cornbread with half corn meal,  
half flour, one egg, & milk…
mix to pudding texture…

Cook at 400 degrees until done,
depending on pan, fifteen to twenty minutes…
If you preheat the oven before putting in the iron pan, 
you’ll get a golden bottom to the bread…

I modified that 
with ¼ flour, ¾ cornmeal, egg, 
I prefer buttermilk
rather than milk…

But milk will do
since I cook my cornbread 
in a small iron pan,
cups is the measure…

One of my Dad’s sisters
added 1 tablespoon mayonnaise… 
that makes a smooth
 textured  cornbread…

My Mother called it 
the ‘northern’ version… 
don’t know why…
since we all lived in the  South…

 I’ve used either
brand of cornmeal 
even used
cornbread  packages…
Whatever you  use
 be sure to eat some
 hot from the oven… as a sampling… 
butter applied… 

my Dad always
 had his hot cornbread
 crumbled in buttermilk… 
yuck, milk for me…

by the way, 
my creamed, mashed potatoes
has a tablespoon of mayonnaise added…
when you were not looking…  :D
March  2013
 by ann t evans 




 To  communicate
 Exchange ideas 
Express  opinions...
When did our daily interchange 
Become vulgar talk...

 Seems I have 
Missed the train 
Because I can  express
 My  feelings without profanity 
& others do comprehend...
Words are reflections 
Of our inner  self
 Of how we feel  about
 Ourselves & our  company
 So let us police our  expressions...
Polite company does not
 Spray the air with vulgar  words...
 Adults consider the  audience
 & still communicate ... Well... 
Let us have self esteem
& Still express our  thoughts...

 Trash talk spews
As our society 
Goes into the garbage  heap
 Along with our attitude about who we are 
And who everyone else  is...

 March 2013
 By ann t evans 

the bible


Reduced to being
an epic adventure
with 15 second blurbs
on national TV
making stars of folks…

Well, I live in a time
when all things
can be digested 
into segments of stories
and consumed by… consumers…

Let me tell you
of the Bible & lead you
into the secrets of daily life guidance…
there are golden nuggets
that must be studied to be mined…

The depth, width, & inspiration
that are found there in the Bible  
cannot be condensed but
must be read with prayerful thought
& seeking guidance… of your spirit…

Go to the original version of the Bible
read the full, true story 
of historic, Spirit filled mankind
where God leads, guides, & inspires
where man fails, seeks redemption, & prays…

Read, seek guidance, read, pray,
come to know God’s full story of life 
in the original, complete, one & only Bible,  
not the shortened, epic, TV production
but the Spirit filled, real, inspired Bible…

Not all things are best when condensed some things
must be consumed in the full, rich, flavor of research
of seeking, of study, of taking time
as long as you come to the source, the Bible,  
there is value in the condensed for viewing version…

March 2013
by ann t evans

Luke 8:4-15