Around every 
Is the mentality 
That says 
Do whatever
You can get away with...

 It is whispered 
& listened to 
By those of weakness 
Who give in to evil 
& have no compassion 
Or concern for others...

Their evil nature 
Is given full reign 
To live among us 
& practice their perversions
For we must begin to see
That without God we are lost...
Evil loves darkness 
& hides in secret places 
Outward costume of normal 
Inward deception of mind 
Crafty deceiver of others 
Devil's darkest seed... 

Until we acknowledge 
We do not struggle with man 
But with powers & principalities 
And doers of evilness 
That our mind cannot 
May 2013
 By ann t. evans   

Ephesians  6:12   For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 

 How often 
can a person say
 a vacation
week was filled with 
things to do & laughter...
& almost chocking on laughter... At the end!

 we planned to go
& knew there were 
numerous things we could do...
Which we plotted
after our arrival...

Each day had
 at least one major event
 one thing we wanted to do
& numerous other activities 
we just fitted in, as need be...
Free or half price items enticed us to do 'em... 

We even managed
a $1.50 breakfast
 on three days &
a photography class
 with historic information & tips...

Two local shows we scheduled
& a shopping day 
on what was to be a rainy day
So we used our time wisely
& made it to the dulcimer shop...

Every day 
was filled to the brim
 then we had two free
 music shows to attend 
at the place where we stayed...

Our ending plans did go
somewhat awry 
for we planned to stop 
at a festival on our way home
but it was too rainy & so we opted not...

After finding a parking place
 walking through the rain
& hesitating at the entry gate
We giggled, laughed & turned around
 back to the car... Favorite restaurant a better choice...

All in all
one of the better vacations for it
flowed from day to day
 with activities & laughter & choices
decisions made in unity without hassle...

April 2013
By ann t evans 


Middle of the week


Middle of the week

Once you retire
 the middle of the week
 doesn't have 
the same meaning...

Hump day, 
the slide
to the weekend...
Truly every single day is 
gloriously celebrated...
Except for allergy...

each day blends 
into the next day 
the day of the week lost...

a day has passed 
then a week 
then a month of daily living...

Being retired 
means many things...
When allergy hits
I can moan & groan at home...

No need to medicate
& go in to work,
I can medicate
& sleep in...
Wonder if that extends my allergy...

 Hopefully, I will not
Lose May as I lost January
To allergy symptoms
Seems my
allergy cycles are closer...

May 2013
By ann t evans 

  Composition started on Wednesday completed on Friday!