Conversational drops

Seems that 
In recent months 
I have acquired the ability 
To add known musical folks names 
To my conversational tidbits... 
First I must say
Agnes West, Florence, AL, gave me  
My very first lessons 
While she continues to teach
And promote my dulcimer training...

 Sarah Morgan, TN, gave lessons 
At our last year's dulcimer festival 
And this year we had 
Well-known local players 
Jerry & Louise Todd, Athens, Alabama...

 Also take for example
Just the other day
When Don Pedi's name, NC, 
Was mentioned & I  said
 'I had a lesson from him!'...

 Then Bing Futch, FL,
Was talked about
And I nodded, 'yes,
I took a lesson from him!... Recently!'  
And now I can add other names...

Traveled all the way to Portland, OR, 
To see & hug my son, Ryan, 
Also planned a visit
 to Columbia River Gorge Mt. Dulcimer Festival 
With diverse instructors there...

 A Force of nature Robert
'Wild dulcimer' music maker...
 Zanetti of nimble fingers Nina
Caressing musical  melodies..
 Both teaching us & performing concerts...

There were three days packed full 
of musical  information...
Rogers sisters lovely Erin & Amber
Shining talents teaching us
with enthusiasm...

 So as I mark two years
Of dulcimer training 
As I continue to add folks I meet 
& places I have been...  
Musical celebration of life...

June 2013
By ann t evans  

2013  Columbia River Gorge Dulcimer festival  

Many things to do
 Busy, busy, busy
With food fantastic & 
Lots of interesting, friendly folks...

 Challenging teaching, 
New music acquired, 
Peaceful, tranquil environment, 
And borrowed dulcimer... 

Seems like the top 
Of the world...
 No TVs or radio in my room
 Removed from all things...

 But cell phone connected, 
Had my open mike performance 
Of  'covered bridge waltz' 
No major stops, flowed right along... 

Adventures in the northwest
Adding additional Internet connects, 
Sharing music, laughter 
And life stories...

 June 2013
 By ann t evans