To be me...
I live in a country
where I am
& I can travel
from here to there
without much thought...

Free to be
& gather
in my church
of my choice
with others singing
praises to God almighty
whenever I choose, in peace...

Free to be
separate & independent
taking each day
as it comes
expressing my
personal opinions
without worry of persecution...

Free to be
gathered with others
doing things, talking freely,
voting for various folks
that I can openly complain about
or fuss about
or even talk to in open discussion...

Free to live
day to day
& travel from place to place
because others still give
their life & time to
protect me & serve our country
in distant, foreign, troubled places...

Free in life
& thought & actions
free to be me
because I was born
in this time & place
& live where I do...
blessed to be me...

July 2013
by ann t evans