As I watch the news 
and view the aftermath 
of the power of nature 
I am thankful for where I am…

But as in all Thankfulness
there have been times 
when I was on the very edge  
of the events that unfolded…

Lfe is like that in that 
today in this world 
we can view massive events 
as they unfold on our TVs…

So the suffering of the world 
can be viewed as an event,  
as a news item, as we watch
but we must remember, it is real…

It is pain, suffering, and fear  
for those in the middle of the event,  
It is life changing, it is more than an event, 
it is their life and we must  remember…

 by ann t evans

Dealing with 
Elder folks daily 
can be a challenging task 
but hey, you will be one
 one of these days 
so better get used to it…
Elder folks tend to 
be down right honest 
about most things 
since what the heck  
they,us, have been  through a lot…
Elder folks do 
speak their, our, mind 
to a direct point 
why not, 
it is about time…

 Elder folks have
a tendency to be very blunt
 why waste time 
beating around the bush 
time is important to  us…
Elder folks are 
as most would agree
 simply folks who are older
and got there through years 
and years and years of  experience…
Elder folks are 
what you should 
hope to be one day 
so cut us a little slack
and enjoy our company… younger one…
October 2012 
by ann t evans

Artistic expression  

Recently I was  privileged
 to travel to Tennessee 
and visit with an artist  
of wood materials…

It reminded me that
there are numerous people
who create lovely things…
 artistic, unique, thingamagigs…

Scattered all over
 in hidden rural places 
with lovely creations of wood 
that other people soon find…

 Aren’t we blessed to live 
in a world and a time when 
folks still treasure the 
creation of unique wooden things…

Keep collections of old tools, 
sound boxes (predates dulcimers),  
new dulcimers, interesting conversation pieces, 
lovely wood furniture, and other things… 
Where there are people 
who still seek out and buy wood creations 
and spread the word 
for other folks to find them… 

Thank you God for providing us 
with our creative nature 
and the desire to share with others 
the treasures of your gifts…

October  2012
 by ann t evans 


October 24th, 2012


$20 worth of tall tales

Three Alabama ladies crossed
the Tennessee line today
and travelled to Loretto, TN,
for a dulcimer viewing adventure…

The day was a classic fall day
with sunshine, shades of purple,
yellow, and a multitude of green tones
scattered along the road way…

From Chisholm Road to H’way 43
the sunshine set the tone
of laughter, talking, and conversation
as the ladies traveled into the Tennessee hills…

Arriving at our destination we were greeted
by a talkative southern gentleman
who had a story to tell about
everything he crafted from wood…

Everywhere we looked in his craft barn
was something artistic and intriguing …
From describing his handcrafted dulcimers
to his artistic thingamajigs his words flowed…

His wife joined us and talked of many things
showing us lovely hand fed fish and floral arrays
she tended with care
as we laughed and looked and saw lots of things…

He collected people’s stories and tales
as well as numerous unique objects and old things
He held our attention with his tall tales
as we wandered around and found numerous things…

I left with a wonderful music stand
a conversation piece at the very least
made from a tree limb and I felt truly privileged
to have spent time with this spinner of tall tales…

But my greatest treasure is the time spent
with two other lovely Alabama ladies
who appreciated the gifts that other folks have 
and laugh so easily at Southern travel adventures…

October 2012
by ann  t evans 

Blessings all around
It comes to mind
that I am truly blessed
for I can travel 
from state to state 
and decide to go
places with relative ease…
I generally do
travel alone & enjoy
the scenic view of  traveling
on two lane roads
and without very much
preplanning … impulse traveling…

Life is too short 
to be hidden away 
inside & huddled afraid 
so I truly feel blessed 
to be alive during 
this era & this  time…

God, I do thank you for my blessings
 for being the guiding light
 that provides my security 
in knowing that wherever I go  
You will be there beside me 
simply enjoying my excursions in  living…

 Ocotber 2012
 by ann t evans

Corn dog praise

 I just consumed 
a lovely, just purchased
 warm crunchy corn dog...  hmmmmm…

Which brings to mind
 numerous other corn dogs
I have purchased in past years…
Needless to say 
I acquired my taste for the 
munchy foodstuff years ago…

At the time I ate my first corn dog
 I lived in Griffin, GA, and heard 
tell of them from local connoisseurs…

 At that time where I taught 
one of the men worked with the Kiwanis folks 
and each and every year brought to work… corn dogs…

A passle of corn dogs, made at the yearly county fair
 by Kiwanis from their ‘secret’ recipe
 and every single one was consumed with  joy…
Why, there were folks who only went
 to the local county fair 
just to purchase a heap of corn  dogs…

 And I became one of those folks 
bribing my son in later years 
just to go by the fair & bring me a few  dogs…

 I mean these corn dogs were golden brown, 
crunchy, and the hot dog inside 
was wondrous meaty, well cooked…

 I am drooling just thinking of  those
 lovely corn dogs… slathered with  mustard…
 or ketchup if that be your taste… or plain…

 The one I just consumed with slow  deliberation
 was to be rated about an 8 as compared 
to the 10 score of those corn dogs of  yesteryear…

 So forgive my culinary 
low brow love
 of the golden brown corn  dog…

 October 2012
 by ann t evans


I choose to be
to smile when
I want
to cry…
to face & walk forward
when I
want to sit down…

My attitude
is in
my control…
that is all 
that is in
my control…

Folks around me
seem to go
their own
and the traffic
often leaves
me guessing…

Is that guy/gal
really going
to turn right
or change his/her mind
at the last
possible second…

Of course,
I’m not silly faced…
there are times
to be sad
and down
but don’t live
your life that way…

Watch a child
explore the
Stop and see that 
lovely weed/flower
Look up at the clouds
as the skitter on by…

God gave us
the entire world
to do as we will
and our lives
are part
of that
Gift… Smile,
it takes fewer muscles!

October 2012
by ann t evans



trip to Georgia


Rolling hills

As I drove through
 up & around 
winding roads 
at the top I always saw 
more rolling hills ahead…

down & around 
through the valleys 
then up & around 
looking a great distance 
I see morerolling hills… 
First through Alabama 
then through Georgia 
it was a pleasant drive 
partly through two lane roads
with enough traffic to be pleasant…. 
There were four lane roads
with zipping cars & more traffic
 little red & black cars weaving in & out 
folks rushing to get here & there
 through Alabama & Georgia…

 ‘Scenic view’ drives 
were the most fun &  relaxing
 though I had to be cautious
 for they had numerous wiggly snake signs
 beside the road… snake signs with arrows…

 From memory I recall… Florence, AL, to Zebulon, GA, 
down & across take AL 133 South to 
AL Hway 157 to US Hway 65 South
 to US 20 East to AL 431, South of course, 
to CR 278 becomes GA 109 to GA 18… did I miss a road number?

 October 2012
 by ann t evans
miles - photo view from Pine Mountain, GA