Ode to left overs!  

Don't ask me why  
but I truly 'love' left overs  
and savor the after the holiday  
items that remain in the refrigerator...
It tickles me to be able  
to go to the frig and load up a plate
 and zap it in the microwave  
with turkey, dressing, corn, etc. etc...

 So simply call me 'nuts'  
if you must but I suppose it simply  
reminds me of the past  
and numerous family gatherings...

 When the refrigerator was loaded  
with so much stuff  
we ran out of space  
and creatively stacked things...

 Oh, leftovers, how joyfully  
do I sing in my heart  
as I stuff things in my refrigerator  
and stack, stack, stack food stuff...

 Call me 'nutty', call me 'strange'  
but all I ask is left overs  
from a family gathering  
and the joyful zapping of numerous meals...

 Thanks, sister dear,  
for bringing your sack of food stuff  
so I can fill my refrigerator full  
& remember numerous past seasonal gatherings...

 December 2012
by ann t evans 


sparkle day


Sparkle day  

Last night was  
an up and down night
 as often happens  
when a stormy day  
so this morning
 I decided to make it
 a 'Sparkle day'...

 Out came my  
red sparkle top 
and my warm striped  
athletic pants  
and suddenly the  
gloomy day  
uplifted and 
my attitude changed...

 A warm, invigorating shower
 and my red with heart shapes knee socks 
Cheerios with peach yogurt  
apple juice in my new 'A' cup  
and a three stripes warm up pants  
with hot pink warm up striped jacket  
and my day brightened  
even though the overcast day had arrived...

 So I would recommend  
a 'Sparkle day' be added  
to your calendar whenever  
a rough night passes your way  
my thoughts flash to the young girl  
I recently saw in a grocery store  
who wore a sparkle top at 10 am...  
I mean it made me smile and  
added a bounce to my step...

 I mean what fashion dictate states
 sparkle is meant just for night  
and holiday parties  
'Sparkle' should be allowed  
the need is there  
and, folks, that meets  
my personal needs... it is my red sparkle top...  
December 2012  
by ann t evans  

Hello germs!  ( flu or virus or whatever you be)  

Today I greet thee
 because someone  
decided to be out and about
 when traveling with you as companion...

 Dear germ  
I'm not too happy  
with your companionship  
but then you didn't ask me...

 So ibuprofen is my  
best friend today  
with chicken soup 2nd best  
and pajama clad I sanitize...  

With antibacterial can in hand
 I groan & float from room to room  
swiping down all things  
where you companions may abide...

 'germs be gone' is my mantra  
as my day progresses  
whomever (whoever?) went out to distribute you
 should have stayed home in quarantine...  

But I shall not be out and about  
carrying germs from here to there  
I pray that others who carry germs about  
will think twice and not venture forth...

 December 2012
 by ann t evans 




Faster than  

a computer...
 must be my status  
for over the years
 I have managed  
to 'crash' any number  
of computer systems...

 Generally speaking
 I explore the  
outer limits  
of most systems  
that I purchase  
within a short time...

 Exploration of  
hidden things...  
I am used to locating 
the 'how to' of making  
changes to standard environments...
 To modify the default...

 Seems once  
we, customers, get comfortable with  
how to make things happen  
on our computers they,  
those super smarts, decide to make things  
so you have to relearn how to...

 But then it might just be
that learning challenges us  
to get from our point A to  
someone else's point B  
through a heck of a lot  
of why didn’t they leave it alone...

 And while we are at it  
super smarts change the names  
of things and thus, help  
isn't a heck of a lot of... help...
 so computerland is a constantly changing
 challenging, hidden treasure hunt world...

 December 2012
 by ann t evans 

  Christmas rush

What happens around
the almost December time
is that the days rush by
doesn't matter what
you have to do
the days rush by...

Savor the hours
the minutes
the together time
because the days rush by
very soon tomorrow
will be yesterday...

So I did not believe this
little fact of daily life
until the
days rushed by
and now time
is more precious...

So I fill my time
with friends and
things to be done
and treasure each day
because as we all know
the days rush by...

November 2012
by ann t evans