I choose to be
to smile when
I want
to cry…
to face & walk forward
when I
want to sit down…

My attitude
is in
my control…
that is all 
that is in
my control…

Folks around me
seem to go
their own
and the traffic
often leaves
me guessing…

Is that guy/gal
really going
to turn right
or change his/her mind
at the last
possible second…

Of course,
I’m not silly faced…
there are times
to be sad
and down
but don’t live
your life that way…

Watch a child
explore the
Stop and see that 
lovely weed/flower
Look up at the clouds
as the skitter on by…

God gave us
the entire world
to do as we will
and our lives
are part
of that
Gift… Smile,
it takes fewer muscles!

October 2012
by ann t evans




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