$20 worth of tall tales

Three Alabama ladies crossed
the Tennessee line today
and travelled to Loretto, TN,
for a dulcimer viewing adventure…

The day was a classic fall day
with sunshine, shades of purple,
yellow, and a multitude of green tones
scattered along the road way…

From Chisholm Road to H’way 43
the sunshine set the tone
of laughter, talking, and conversation
as the ladies traveled into the Tennessee hills…

Arriving at our destination we were greeted
by a talkative southern gentleman
who had a story to tell about
everything he crafted from wood…

Everywhere we looked in his craft barn
was something artistic and intriguing …
From describing his handcrafted dulcimers
to his artistic thingamajigs his words flowed…

His wife joined us and talked of many things
showing us lovely hand fed fish and floral arrays
she tended with care
as we laughed and looked and saw lots of things…

He collected people’s stories and tales
as well as numerous unique objects and old things
He held our attention with his tall tales
as we wandered around and found numerous things…

I left with a wonderful music stand
a conversation piece at the very least
made from a tree limb and I felt truly privileged
to have spent time with this spinner of tall tales…

But my greatest treasure is the time spent
with two other lovely Alabama ladies
who appreciated the gifts that other folks have 
and laugh so easily at Southern travel adventures…

October 2012
by ann  t evans 



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