Artistic expression  

Recently I was  privileged
 to travel to Tennessee 
and visit with an artist  
of wood materials…

It reminded me that
there are numerous people
who create lovely things…
 artistic, unique, thingamagigs…

Scattered all over
 in hidden rural places 
with lovely creations of wood 
that other people soon find…

 Aren’t we blessed to live 
in a world and a time when 
folks still treasure the 
creation of unique wooden things…

Keep collections of old tools, 
sound boxes (predates dulcimers),  
new dulcimers, interesting conversation pieces, 
lovely wood furniture, and other things… 
Where there are people 
who still seek out and buy wood creations 
and spread the word 
for other folks to find them… 

Thank you God for providing us 
with our creative nature 
and the desire to share with others 
the treasures of your gifts…

October  2012
 by ann t evans 



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