Dealing with 
Elder folks daily 
can be a challenging task 
but hey, you will be one
 one of these days 
so better get used to it…
Elder folks tend to 
be down right honest 
about most things 
since what the heck  
they,us, have been  through a lot…
Elder folks do 
speak their, our, mind 
to a direct point 
why not, 
it is about time…

 Elder folks have
a tendency to be very blunt
 why waste time 
beating around the bush 
time is important to  us…
Elder folks are 
as most would agree
 simply folks who are older
and got there through years 
and years and years of  experience…
Elder folks are 
what you should 
hope to be one day 
so cut us a little slack
and enjoy our company… younger one…
October 2012 
by ann t evans



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