trip to Georgia


Rolling hills

As I drove through
 up & around 
winding roads 
at the top I always saw 
more rolling hills ahead…

down & around 
through the valleys 
then up & around 
looking a great distance 
I see morerolling hills… 
First through Alabama 
then through Georgia 
it was a pleasant drive 
partly through two lane roads
with enough traffic to be pleasant…. 
There were four lane roads
with zipping cars & more traffic
 little red & black cars weaving in & out 
folks rushing to get here & there
 through Alabama & Georgia…

 ‘Scenic view’ drives 
were the most fun &  relaxing
 though I had to be cautious
 for they had numerous wiggly snake signs
 beside the road… snake signs with arrows…

 From memory I recall… Florence, AL, to Zebulon, GA, 
down & across take AL 133 South to 
AL Hway 157 to US Hway 65 South
 to US 20 East to AL 431, South of course, 
to CR 278 becomes GA 109 to GA 18… did I miss a road number?

 October 2012
 by ann t evans
miles - photo view from Pine Mountain, GA



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