Computer world


Computer world

 Life is surely interesting
 as we (I) progress day to day
 and get the latest, newest, greatest
our (my) older system
chose to stop doing it's thing...

 So happily we (I) research
and locate  
just the right laptop system
 and then make our (my) purchase
 going home to  
unpack the lovely, greatest, latest...

 Exploring lots of new
 interesting, fun things  
start to transfer numerous thousands of files  
when what do we (I) consider
 but the interesting fact 
of all our (my) past year's work...

 there are two choices  
convert hundreds of files to free software version...
 OR buy the latest, greatest  
document producing software version 
we had on our (my) older computer...
catch 22 raised it's lovely serpent head...

 Life in our (my) technology world
one purchase leads to another
 leads to another,  
leads to another.... Hmmmm....
 supporting the economic  
buy mood...

 November 2012

 by ann t evans
 technology enticed me  



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