Spice of life 

This is the time
 of the year when I review
& check my shelves…
My spice rack is reviewed 
and I determine
 what wonderful things…

 I need to replenish
so I can bake& cook 
those savory once a year seasonal  dishes…

 Imagine my surprise
 when I looked at the expired by date
and noted ‘use by 1980’really!

 Hmmm, I didn’t realize
 it had been that long 
since I checked my cinnamon sticks…
Must have kept ‘em because 
I also use cinnamon sticks in my recipe 
for lovely room smells… simmer in a pan of water…

Upon my stove every year 
a few cinnamon sticks, tea bags (whatever flavor I have)
 and a dash of pumpkin pie spice… seasonal room spicy smells… 

November 2012J 
by ann t evans 



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