Hello germs!  ( flu or virus or whatever you be)  

Today I greet thee
 because someone  
decided to be out and about
 when traveling with you as companion...

 Dear germ  
I'm not too happy  
with your companionship  
but then you didn't ask me...

 So ibuprofen is my  
best friend today  
with chicken soup 2nd best  
and pajama clad I sanitize...  

With antibacterial can in hand
 I groan & float from room to room  
swiping down all things  
where you companions may abide...

 'germs be gone' is my mantra  
as my day progresses  
whomever (whoever?) went out to distribute you
 should have stayed home in quarantine...  

But I shall not be out and about  
carrying germs from here to there  
I pray that others who carry germs about  
will think twice and not venture forth...

 December 2012
 by ann t evans 



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