sparkle day


Sparkle day  

Last night was  
an up and down night
 as often happens  
when a stormy day  
so this morning
 I decided to make it
 a 'Sparkle day'...

 Out came my  
red sparkle top 
and my warm striped  
athletic pants  
and suddenly the  
gloomy day  
uplifted and 
my attitude changed...

 A warm, invigorating shower
 and my red with heart shapes knee socks 
Cheerios with peach yogurt  
apple juice in my new 'A' cup  
and a three stripes warm up pants  
with hot pink warm up striped jacket  
and my day brightened  
even though the overcast day had arrived...

 So I would recommend  
a 'Sparkle day' be added  
to your calendar whenever  
a rough night passes your way  
my thoughts flash to the young girl  
I recently saw in a grocery store  
who wore a sparkle top at 10 am...  
I mean it made me smile and  
added a bounce to my step...

 I mean what fashion dictate states
 sparkle is meant just for night  
and holiday parties  
'Sparkle' should be allowed  
the need is there  
and, folks, that meets  
my personal needs... it is my red sparkle top...  
December 2012  
by ann t evans  



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