Faster than  

a computer...
 must be my status  
for over the years
 I have managed  
to 'crash' any number  
of computer systems...

 Generally speaking
 I explore the  
outer limits  
of most systems  
that I purchase  
within a short time...

 Exploration of  
hidden things...  
I am used to locating 
the 'how to' of making  
changes to standard environments...
 To modify the default...

 Seems once  
we, customers, get comfortable with  
how to make things happen  
on our computers they,  
those super smarts, decide to make things  
so you have to relearn how to...

 But then it might just be
that learning challenges us  
to get from our point A to  
someone else's point B  
through a heck of a lot  
of why didn’t they leave it alone...

 And while we are at it  
super smarts change the names  
of things and thus, help  
isn't a heck of a lot of... help...
 so computerland is a constantly changing
 challenging, hidden treasure hunt world...

 December 2012
 by ann t evans 



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