Ode to left overs!  

Don't ask me why  
but I truly 'love' left overs  
and savor the after the holiday  
items that remain in the refrigerator...
It tickles me to be able  
to go to the frig and load up a plate
 and zap it in the microwave  
with turkey, dressing, corn, etc. etc...

 So simply call me 'nuts'  
if you must but I suppose it simply  
reminds me of the past  
and numerous family gatherings...

 When the refrigerator was loaded  
with so much stuff  
we ran out of space  
and creatively stacked things...

 Oh, leftovers, how joyfully  
do I sing in my heart  
as I stuff things in my refrigerator  
and stack, stack, stack food stuff...

 Call me 'nutty', call me 'strange'  
but all I ask is left overs  
from a family gathering  
and the joyful zapping of numerous meals...

 Thanks, sister dear,  
for bringing your sack of food stuff  
so I can fill my refrigerator full  
& remember numerous past seasonal gatherings...

 December 2012
by ann t evans 



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