January roller coaster   

Living in northwest Alabama  
during the last four years  
gives me chills  
gives me thrills  
as we ride from 72 degrees  
to 34 degrees  
from one day  
to the next... with icy rainfall...  

then comes another front  
pushed through by
 that fickle jet stream  
we wait  
with baited breath  
to see what comes next  
from Mother Nature...
Reports are in  
that last year was  
the 'mildest' since the year  
my sister was born  
and I scratch my head  
why didn't I feel this...
But then I live in  
northwest Alabama  
almost in Tennessee  
almost in Mississippi  
not quite there...  

My years living forty miles
 south of Atlanta, GA,  
have made me used to  
a truly milder climate  
filled with warm days  
early summers  
early springs and  
truly mild winters...   

But then again  
I do remember  
the long winters from  
my youthful Alabama days  
and the biting cold  
with winds shifting 
from Northern cold  
to Southern warm... and back...  

January 2013
 by ann t evans 


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