Musical interlude  

Have you noticed
 that the music you listen to   
expresses so very much  
of how and what   
you feel about things...

 Our attitudes    
about time, place, daily events,   
and ourselves  
is so easily enhanced   
by the songs that we choose to listen to...

 How you feel today  
can be helped or hindered  
by the music that you choose
 to listen to... just think...  
it is your expression of now...
The music that I select  
can do many things for me...   
it can enrich and uplift me thoughts,  
it can drag down and  
help me wallow in self pity and loathing...

 It can remind me of happy times  
or of sad, lonely, bad times...   
It can bring me joy or sadness  
just by the music that I select  
to listen to... just think... just think...  

January 2013  
by ann t evans  





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