To  communicate
 Exchange ideas 
Express  opinions...
When did our daily interchange 
Become vulgar talk...

 Seems I have 
Missed the train 
Because I can  express
 My  feelings without profanity 
& others do comprehend...
Words are reflections 
Of our inner  self
 Of how we feel  about
 Ourselves & our  company
 So let us police our  expressions...
Polite company does not
 Spray the air with vulgar  words...
 Adults consider the  audience
 & still communicate ... Well... 
Let us have self esteem
& Still express our  thoughts...

 Trash talk spews
As our society 
Goes into the garbage  heap
 Along with our attitude about who we are 
And who everyone else  is...

 March 2013
 By ann t evans 


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