Middle of the week


Middle of the week

Once you retire
 the middle of the week
 doesn't have 
the same meaning...

Hump day, 
the slide
to the weekend...
Truly every single day is 
gloriously celebrated...
Except for allergy...

each day blends 
into the next day 
the day of the week lost...

a day has passed 
then a week 
then a month of daily living...

Being retired 
means many things...
When allergy hits
I can moan & groan at home...

No need to medicate
& go in to work,
I can medicate
& sleep in...
Wonder if that extends my allergy...

 Hopefully, I will not
Lose May as I lost January
To allergy symptoms
Seems my
allergy cycles are closer...

May 2013
By ann t evans 

  Composition started on Wednesday completed on Friday!


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